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What can we accomplish in 40 days of awareness cultivation and focused practice?

More than you would think. We can break addictive behaviors, lay down new patterns, reinvigorate our lives, and become inspired with new perception. We can open (or reopen) the Way, find allies, and discover greater strength in ourselves. We can acquire new tools and lay aside old thought-patterns.

The 40 Day Awareness Challenge is a program built to support activation into your best life, in this new year. In this course,  you will be given the tools and resources you need to find and follow the path that is perfectly suited for this unique moment in your life and start 2018 the way you want to: with full awareness and a strong discipline for being your best self.


In this course, you are invited to:

40 days of transformation
40 short videos with packed with tips, tricks, teachings, and inspiration
20 Yamas & Niyamas (yogic principles of success for daily life)
6 guided meditations
5 days of cleansing
4 information-filled handouts
3 dependencies released
2 Q&A live calls
1 transformative experience!

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“It is hard to express in words what the 40 day awareness challenge has meant and fostered in my spiritual journey and practice. I have felt an immeasurable benefit from daily sits, removing dependencies, and focusing my attention to the teachings of the yamas and niyamas... It was a transformative experience and I feel as though my spiritual practice has been given ‘rocket fuel’!” ~ 2015 participant